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hmm [Jun. 1st, 2007|04:11 am]
John Kaidyn
[Current Location |beach]
[mood |burnt]
[music |Simon and garfunkel]

I am posting this thru my phone, because I am at the beach, so we shall see how well this goes.

I will put up a comic tomorrow when I get home, for some reason it isn't loading when I try to type it in here.

Beaches are cool, especially beaches where you do nothing all day but lay out and read novels (something I don't get time to do during the school year. Wow that is something you always hear adults say and laugh at them and say to yourself: "yeah right. I will always have time to read." but then life ends up the way it does and you end up spending hours a day reading academic books, and fun, trashy novels sit on your desk asking to be read, but never get done.) ok, enough diatribe. All I was going to say is that I have a comic ready and will load it when I get a chance.

Ps: I am really sun burnt.