John vs the big bad ugly mean not-very-nice smelly Cancer

The struggles of a boy whose best friend really just wants to kill him

John Kaidyn
Things I like:
+ Madison
+ Andy Warhol
+ Scarfs
+ Alex Mack
+ Remission

Things I dislike:
'zines, (un)cleverly saying "your mom", andy warhol, art, at the drive-in, being a nintendo fanboy, belle & sebastian, bright eyes, chem man, drawing comics badly, dyed hair, eating toothpaste for elevensies, existentialism (as a fad), fables, franny and zooey, hair!!!!, howl and his castle, jim mahfood, keenspace-aka-that-which-doesn't-exist-anymore, law and order suv, love (as a fad), madman, miyamoto, miyazaki, moon knight, mr. sensitive, myself, mythology, not having cancer, practicing teleporting, scarfs, scott pilgrim, spirited away, struggling to stay alive, suikoden (all), the crystal key, the rufus, zombie bears, zorro and ester